Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land. Proverbs 25:25

Today is the 2 month anniversary of our Match Day with Lily. We've had her little face etched in our minds and upon our hearts for over 60 days...finally after so many years we have had a face to go with the name.

And then today, as if the Lord were giving us a 2 month anniversary gift...we got 9 (yes, 9!!) more pictures of our sweet Lily Rose!

Oh my goodness! Kevin and I have been teary all afternoon!

Now, we've suspected this was coming this week. As I mentioned before, the volunteers at Love Without Boundaries have been incalculably instrumental in our knowledge and understanding of Lily's care. In the wonderful world of the internet, not long after being matched to Lily, I discovered a Yahoo board for parents who either have adopted or are in the process of adopting a child from the Shantou City orphanage. Very shortly after joining the board, the Executive Director for LWB contacted me and let me know she would be at Lily's orphanage in June and she would love to check on her for us. Last week, she was there. As you can imagine we have been very excited for her stateside return. A few days ago, I got word she was back and that she would send pictures to our agency when she was somewhat recovered from the trip. Today was the day!

As only the Lord does things, Kevin decided after a long morning of driving around No. Va. for work, he would get the rest of his work done more efficiently time-wise by coming straight home. He got home around 3pm, checked our personal email and called me at the pool. We had an email saying pictures of Lily were being sent to our agency from Love Without Boundaries today. By the time I got home, the pictures were in our inbox!

Drumroll please...here is our sweet 8-month old!

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