That’s what “Kevin” means and I find it to be exceptionally true!

His middle name, Edward, is also completely fitting…especially for Father’s Day. It means “protector of the inheritance” and this is the heart of my sweet, strong husband. He is a protector by nature (he is a police officer, of course, called to serve and protect!). And he certainly wants to protect his inheritance (his family!). The inheritance he seeks to pass on to his children, however, is not one that will tarnish or fade away, but one of eternal value…it is salvation in Jesus and an abiding love for God.

I praise God for him! He is hard-working and deep-loving. He is strong and tender at the same time. He is such a fun daddy and is totally in love with his girls!

I love the age Anna Grace & Ally are at because they love to bless. They’ve made cards, sung songs to Kevin, given kisses, wished “Happy Father’s Day,” and begged to help me make Kevin Blueberry Pie. It is a treat for this mom to watch her husband love being a daddy and being loved in return.

Happy Father’s Day, Kevin!

Here are some pics from our day...note the honorary Father's Day nap!

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