Having Fun with Our Son


I'm not sure what happened to the original post of this.

I typed it.  
I published it.  
It vanished.


So, her goes round 2.

While we were visiting Aaron, we decided to go to Six Flags Great America.  I love roller coasters.  The higher, faster, the bigger the drop, the better!

Aaron loves them, too.

Kevin is a willing participant!

I had never been to Six Flags Great America before and, boy, was it worth it!

I think it has the most really great coasters of any I've been to. 

And, I experienced something I'd never experienced before...a brief blackout from the G-forces!  That was on the Batman, in case you ever go...on my third consecutive ride. 

Maybe I overdid it!

But the lines were short...and it was a great!

But by far my favorite ride of the day was The Raging Bull.  It is extremely similar to the Apollo's Chariot in Busch Gardens...and that is my very favorite roller coaster!

After a day at the park, we went out to eat and then hit the Putt Putt course.

Par-King is supposedly in the top 10 of Putt Putt courses in the US according to the Travel Channel (I think!).

Yes, it was fun.  Old school and creative!

Including a hole that replicated the Sears/Willis Tower...elevator for your ball and all!

The final hole was a Roulette wheel.  If you landed on 0, you got a free game.  Needless to say, none of us did!

Hopefully, this post will stay!  (I'm blaming my new Blogger App on my Android phone for the loss!)

In Him,

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