First Day of School

That's right...today was the day!

Anna Grace, Ally, Lily and Joshua started the new year today. 

 Emma has been working hard for over a month now, so it was just a typical day for her.   Anna Grace & Ally were glad to be back in a routine and have something interesting to do (we'll see how long that lasts!).

 But for Lily & Joshua, this was their first first day of "real" school.  They were so excited!  Especially Lily, who really could probably teach me!  Yes, she's that smart...and I'm not just mama-bragging!  

The littlest are preschoolers and are working on the typical preschool things:  letters, numbers, colors, messy play, reading lots and lots of books.  
I didn't even spring for new crayons!  Yes, I gave them to them broken already!
I spent a good deal of my time in Florida last week (pictures in another post) piecing together their schedule.  I felt like I should call it Preschool by Pinterest, because of how much time I spent on there gathering ideas, but in actuality it is only a portion of their schedule. 

A big emphasis this year is on character qualities, so today they began with obedience (with the older girls sitting in to "help teach" the lesson. Of course, they have this mastered.  Snicker.)  We will spend the next 3 weeks talking about the 4 keys to obedience:  immediately, cheerfully, thoroughly/completely, and without complaining. (Okay, the key idea did come from Pinterest!)

 Today's focus:  immediately.  

Fun as a game.  Not as much fun for some in reality!  

All in all it was a much smoother day than I had anticipated.  

Praising Him for that answer to prayer, as I was the one not ready to begin this year.  But it felt good to me, too, to be back in the rhythm once I was there.  Last year reminded me that homeschooling is too much for me, but not too much for Him.  So I pray I will lean totally upon Him this year, obey immediately (smile), and enjoy the process.

In Him,

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  1. You Impress me.... Just sayin... Our kids are just about to finish their school year. 5 weeks to go then we get our summer/Christmas holidays for 7 weeks!