Unexpected Treasure

I had not stopped wiping my tears, when the Lord lifted my head and pointed in the distance.

At that point, I think I was too overwhelmed or consumed or just wrestling to hold onto all those flowers(!) to comprehend He was leading me to somewhere...to someone.

Even as He showed me, I wanted to avert my gaze and keep looking for my flowers.  Not think too far down the road.

But as that loving Father, Shepherd, and Friend, He kept lifting my chin to see.

He'd already whispered to me...don't pitch a tent and dwell here in the Valley.  You may still cry, but you must keep moving through.  He had tasks and gifts for me that could only be reached by going through the Valley.

Even though I had tried to avert my gaze from where He was taking me...the glimpse, what I saw, burned in my mind and heart.

The face would not go away.

Looking at the sweet little face only brought more tears, so I would try not to look or think about it, but still his face was there.

No, Lord, You were supposed to be bringing me to Luke!  

I still am, my child...you just need to wait a little longer.  But this one is here and he needs you to be Me to him now.  Will you risk hurting again to go where I am leading you?  You know I walk with you through every valley and the journey there is always with purpose.  Will you go to this new place?  This sweet boy?

Yes, Lord.

ps....Tomorrow, I will make things more clear...


  1. Thank you for sharing your story Mandy. I am blessed by it.

    1. It's been necessary for me to write it. He is so good...all of the time.

      How are you doing? I can't seem to get my dashboard to follow your blog...how is Joshua? Is he home yet?

      Thanks for your encouragement!
      In Him,