No Dead Ends

Another enduring lesson that was learned in the Valley has been that there are no dead ends when walking with God .

Psalm 23:  says, "Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death..."


The dictionary says through means "in at one end, side or surface...and out at the other."

I am walking through the Valley...not staying.  He promises I won't get stuck there!

I was abruptly plunged into it, and the Good Shepherd in His wisdom is leading me through it.  I won't dwell here forever, but I will forever be changed by it.

There is hope in knowing I am moving through.

It also means that I can look forward to where He is leading me to.

When I was first dropped into this Valley, I couldn't even begin to grasp all that He would teach me or that the path would lead to where it has.

I have written of some of the flowers He drew my attention to in the Valley (believe me there are many more) and how precious they have been and always will be.  What I didn't see as my eyes were searching the ground for His flowers was that all the while He had been leading me to new ground and new territory.

Had He not led me there by way of the Valley...for it was the only way to get there...I would have missed it's treasure.

What is the treasure?

I will tell you...tomorrow.

In Him,

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