October Baby

All I can say is...powerful

Kevin and I are not movie-goers at all, but occasionally we make an exception.

October Baby was the exception.

If you have not heard of the movie, it was released this past weekend (I think!) to limited theaters and is a story that really just hits way too close to home. 

I have never cried at a movie like I did at this one.

You see I have three October Babies...this movie relates to two of them...my oldest and my youngest.  

The movie is about a young woman who discovers that she is adopted and that her birth mother tried to abort her.  Only she survived.  The movie is the story of how she discovers this and the road to forgiveness she travels.

Some of you know me personally.  Some of you don't.  Some of you know my history.  Many of you don't.

When I was 16 I discovered that I was pregnant with a baby due in October.  I was faced with the question of what to do.  I praise God, that even in my rebellious state at that time, He had given me the strength of conviction that abortion was never an option and that He had given me loving, supportive, forgiving parents who stood by me in my decision to keep my baby.

My first October baby was born on the 20th of the month with head full of dark brown hair after the most torturous labor I have ever endured.  He ended up being 9lbs 2oz!

I have never for a minute regretted my decision.

My heart aches for those who have not had the support or the love that I had.

The movie's main character, Hannah, was an October baby.  Her birthdate was October 7.  

Our youngest...our sweet, little Lily was born October 7.

Thousands of miles from here another woman made a desperate decision...I believe motivated by love...to give this sweet little girl a chance at a full life.  She chose to place her in the care of an orphanage...to give her a chance to be adopted.

Ten and a half months later, we would bring Lily into our family.  Our longed-for Lily is the fulfillment of a promise the Lord had given me many years before that we would adopt a little girl and her name would be Lily Rose.  She is a heart's longing fulfilled.  

The main character in the movie struggles with the feelings of being unwanted and rejected by her birth mother.  Her adoptive parents love her immensely and she never doubts this and it is portrayed clearly in the movie...yet she still has these emotions.

As Kevin and I sat in tears in our car after the movie, our hearts ached as we were reminded...again...that even though we love Lily so much and we know God loves her immensely and planned for her to be with us...even before she was born...she may still wrestle with  these very same emotions.  In truth, I can't imagine her not on some level. 

Knowing that our precious Lily could hurt so deeply and that we can't fix that for her...just hurts.

I don't know how long October Baby will last in movie theaters, but I have no doubt that on those who watch it, it will have a lasting impact.  

In Him,

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  1. This is a challenge, that varies with each child. Our oldest daughter being older when she arrived in our family knew life's reality and it was emotional issues that we dealt with here. Our son's adoption was an open one and even though we were always honest about it he was almost 13 before he put the details together and it broke our hearts in a way I can't really convey with words when he was so upset at first. I had his birthmother write a letter shortly after he was born that I was able to give him that explained where she was personally at that moment and though she loved him so, she wanted much more for him. She did not have a supportive family who had thrown her out when she wouldn't have an abortion. Her decision to give him life caused her to have to live in her car, until God put us together in an answer to my prayer for a child. Then she came to live with us until Cameron's birth and in a way only God can work reconcilliation with her family took place. Our younger girls are both from China and each will have their own moments of understanding and adjustment. Hannah has already been making inquiries, but seems worried to know too much. So we respond openly, but always try to see what she's really asking at that moment and is ready for. Details for both girls are limited to what's in their files.
    Still experience has shown standing firm on the love that is theirs now, can overcome initial life circumstances. Your Lily will have your love to carry her through any questions she may have to lifes beginnings. God has put her in the family that is best suited to seeing her grow into the young woman He already loves.