Emma gave my blog a facelift today.

She's constantly tweaking hers and decided mine could use some updating, too.  Especially after I said something about liking how wide the text area was on hers.

So what do you think?

In a day or two I will continue posting about Luke's home-going and my seizure and what the Lord has been showing us.  But for now, I wanted to say I am still here; and even though the blog may give the impression that I am in a continual state of tears, God has been so good and life continues and God's comfort is real. 

Don't get me wrong...there are still tears.  But there have been days of joy...and an answer to years of prayer that I'll share soon. 

So to get a more balanced perspective on our lives...go see Emma's blog!

In Him,


  1. Really like the new look! Glad to hear the Lord is meeting you so at this time.

  2. Dear Mandy, isn't it wonderful that our children are so computer literate. I am lucky that I can email...pc

    1. Absolutely! Your comment just made me chuckle! Emma made the facelift sound so easy! Ha!