How I'm Doing

Many have asked  how we are doing...how I am doing.  

The answer may not seem not like a direct answer at all, but to us it is the answer.

The answer is God is good.

SOOOO good.

How will we ever know Him as Comforter if we never need to be comforted?  How will we know Him as our Sustainer if we never experience anything through which we need to be sustained?  How will I ever know the securtiy and protection of Him as my Refuge...unless there are those things for which I must run to Him because I need His shelter?

I can't.

And so...He has been...everything He's promised to be.  

He is good.

And because He is Who He says He is...

He has enlarged me when I've been in distress...Psalm 4:1 KJV

In Him,


  1. God's peace be with you...pc

  2. what a wonderful verse. only God. only God.

  3. So glad the Lord is meeting you at this season. Have prayed for your peace and physical well being after your last post.
    God bless and keep you.

    1. Thanks Lynda...we/I so covet prayer. It has been what has sustained us and lifted us. I love His body!