Higher than my Ways

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
   neither are your ways my ways,”
            declares the LORD.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
   so are my ways higher than your ways
   and my thoughts than your thoughts."

                                 Isaiah 55:8-9

I don't know if I could call this the theme verse for the last 3 weeks of my life...but it has definitely come to mind repeatedly!

If I had been given the opportunity to write the script...I in my own (admittedly) limited knowledge would have written the last 21 days sooooo differently.

But God.

Anyone who has been to the blog knows about Luke's home-going the day after Christmas.

What some of you may not know is that on the morning of New Year's Eve Kevin was awakened by strange noises I was making while having, what we later learned was, a grand mal seizure.

I awoke in an ambulance.

My poor husband had quickly called 911 while he tried to discern if I was breathing.  After being taken to ER, I spent the next 2 days in the hospital as doctors tried to determine the cause of the seizure.

Thankfully, test after test came back clear; but what was determined was that some "spells" that I had been having with increasing consistency at ovulation and the beginning of my menstrual cycle were actually small seizures.

The stress of Luke's death and several other coinciding factors is believed to have triggered the grand mal seizure.

Now, in my own defense, I had been in the process of getting the "spells" checked out...already had an appointment set up which thankfully was set for only a few days after the seizure...I just didn't get there in time.

The consensus among the doctors is that I have had an underlying seizure disorder that is triggered by hormonal fluctuations and that hopefully getting my hormones, thyroid, and adrenals balanced will eliminate them. 

That's the short of it for now.

Would love your prayer support for this new road...

In Him, 



  1. Mandy, I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God's peace be with you...pc

  2. Oh my good heavens, Mandy! What you have been through. I am so sorry! The scripture you quoted is so accurately the hope that you (we) have! God is....GOD. And HE LOVES YOU, knows exactly where you are and what you are able to handle....and the most reassuring part is that this is (somehow) for your good, sister of faith! I will be praying for you! Also, for wisdom for the doctors that are providing your care, and for the comfort of your heart as you and your family mourn the loss of Luke. Press on in Faith, Sister!

  3. Mandy and family-

    Praying for all of you as you have all had a difficult road to travel lately.

    The Jones Family
    Chris, Russ, Gracie, Kailee and Maddie

  4. Our oldest has epilepsy. He had seizures at birth and hen none for 9 years. He takes Trileptol and it works great, he mangaes very well.

    I'm sure the stress caused your seizure. I will pray about this and continue to pray for you all durring this difficult season.

    Amy H