The Drop Box, Part 1

An unexpected window of time opened up for me to go see The Drop Box Tuesday night, so I texted several friends and invited them to come along...with 2 hours notice!  

Who says moms of 7 can't be spontaneous?  

Actually, moms of many live a life precariously balanced between spontaneity and intentional order.  But that's another post.

3 of my friends joined me and a fourth, who couldn't be there, asked me to blog my thoughts on the movie.  So, here it is Angela.

I went well-informed of the movie's subject matter, so I came with a purse full of tissues!  But I was surprised that I didn't cry as much as I expected.  That is not to say that the movie was not moving, just this night I did not weep as much as I rejoiced.

Jeremiah 31:13 I will turn their mourning into joy; I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow.

The movie is actually a documentary on the sacrificial caring of Pastor Lee and his wife for abandoned babies, most of whom have birth defects.  He attracted worldwide attention because, after seeing many babies die of exposure, he built a baby box, a hatch of sorts, in the side of his house in which birth mothers could relinquish their babies anonymously and safely.

The movie addresses not only his motivation and passion to honor and protect the value of every life, but also highlights this highly controversial practice...the Drop Box.  As the film explains, the idea did not originate with him and has actually been used in many countries, including China. 

See this article with video footage: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2595184/Heartbreaking-moments-parents-say-goodbye-sons-daughters.html)

The documentary does not skirt the nay-Sayers of the Drop Box, but gives them voice.  They say it encourages infant abandonment and does not 'protect the child's civil rights'.  I appreciate that the film did not verbally debate these arguments, but rather through images and stories and an explanation of the Korean cultural mores, leaves the viewer to decide whether the box truly encouraged abandonment or merely provided a safe, humane, might I say more loving, way for birth mothers to do the most difficult thing I can imagine. Maybe one day I blog my thoughts on baby hatches...

Until then, here is a clip from The Drop Box

The Drop Box Movie

The film very clearly declares the truth that every life has value.  The life of an orphan, the life of a child with a disability. Everyone.  The movie beautifully portrays that every life has purpose and illustrates this through the story of Pastor Lee's son.

But early on in the movie, they also tell the story of a little girl, Hanna, who was left on the pastor's doorstep and then raised by his family for 6 years until she passed away from her medical challenges.  Her life and death led pastor Lee to make his life work rescuing babies.  He said that when she died, he felt like he wanted to quit, but then felt compelled by the Spirit that not only would he continue, but he would give his very life for these children.

As I listened to him, I thought of Luke.  His life touched so many, he exceeded what many believed he could do.  And when he passed away, I didn't think I could continue any further down this road of adoption.  But then, the Spirit intervened and said He had called me to serve as mama to more children who needed one.  My grief did not negate their need.  Out of Luke's life and death, 2 more now have a Mama.  His life had so much purpose.

Luke and Joshua together...brothers before they (or we) knew they would be!!

And after facing such grave grief in his death, I also realized I had survived it.  I had not been destroyed.  God had carried me through and He would carry me through more if need be.  I became willing to hurt and be hurt if called to again.  So when Sophie's incredibly complex and daunting medical file came to us, with knocking knees, nauseous stomach, and eyes on Jesus...we said yes. With well-informed trembling we said will go deeper, give more, risk again for this one. And for Him and His glory.

2 Corinthians 8:9 For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.

Part 2 tomorrow....

In Him,

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