Paid in Full

You read that right!

Sophie's adoption is paid in full!

We began her adoption a little less than 6 months ago with nothing. At that time the Lord, reminded me that He owns that cattle on a thousand hills and that the approximately $30,000 in adoption costs were nothing for Him.

Insert the medical expedite...now things had to come together faster!

Now, I have been down this road before with Luke & Joshua's adoption expenses.  But I can't say I walked that road very well. But God showed me so much through that.  I remember walking our neighborhood during the process for Luke, knowing that money was due in 2 weeks.  I was literally begging/instructing God about His promise to provide.  I was overwhelmed.  I must have been praying something along the lines of:  Lord, we need that money now!

I can remember the exact spot on the exact road where the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart, "Mandy, when is the money due?"  

I replied, "In 2 weeks, Lord." 

And He said to my heart, "That's not now."  

I wish I could be speaking this next part to you, instead of typing it, because you would hear how clipped and somewhat annoyed my voice was in reply (lest you get the idea that I am super spiritual!)..."Yes, Lord, technically it is not now."  

And then He went on to instruct my heart: "You think that because you can see something coming that you need it now, but that is not now.  When you need it, it will be there.  Trust Me."  

And, that was it.  

I don't remember how the money was eventually provided, but it was because we brought our boy home.  What I do remember is that lesson.  It gave me immense peace throughout the last months.  
When it is really needed, God will provide it.

And, can I tell you something?  Each and every time we needed to pay something for Sophie's adoption...we had every penny and a few to spare!  Not always days and weeks in advance like my previous comfort zone (previous level of faith?) demanded...but always right when we needed it!

And, this time, (after the first donation came in, because, honestly, I was worried before then!)...I was at peace and had confidence in Him the whole time.  What a gift of grace from Him.

I frequently give my kids a "do-over" or an opportunity to try again.  I feel like that is what God has given me through Sophie's adoption.  An opportunity to try again and walk in the assurance that was always mine.

And, He has never failed me.  Not. Once.

It is Paid in Full!

In Him,

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  1. Beautifully shared. We experienced exactly what you described with Katee's adoption. It was so affirming to see God provide each and every time a payment was due. But when I think of beginning the process again in the next several years, I still feel hesitant about the financial aspect even though I saw God's faithfulness as Provider. So thank you for sharing your journey. I love your "do over" and the spiritual growth that has happened in your life!!