FUNdraising for Sophie Joy

The last several weekends have found me in the kitchen on Saturday and my family behind the church's snack bar.

Our church has graciously allowed us to use the snack bar as a fundraiser for Sophie Joy.   And The Lord is truly blessing it!   We have,  to date,  been able to pay our first agency fee,  home study fees, and USCIS fees!!!  One step at a time,  He is providing!

So far we've done three weeks at the snack bar and we are slated for the entire month of August.

What has been on the menu?

Week 1: Chicken BBQ sandwiches, chips,  soda, basis baked goods.

Week 2: Burrito Bowls with chicken,  cilantro lime rice, black beans,  salsa, sour cream, cheese and cilantro.   Chips, soda and baked goods (including Crystal's yummy cupcakes), of course!

Week 3: Chili and corn bead, chips, soda and,  you guessed it. ...baked goods!

I must say,  of the baked goods, the brownies are the most popular.   They are the most moist,  bestest brownies in the world.  I only say it because it is true!

Week 4 is coming up and I will have to go simple because I have a great event called Poured Out Saturday (fellowship,  worship, corporate prayer. .. join us!).  And we have to pick up Emma after church,  so clean up has to be fast!

Hot dogs and nachos?   That's an old throw  back to the Luke fundraising days.

What do you think? Throw out some ideas!  Walking tacos?  Spaghetti?

I'll tell you more about 2 other fundraisers we currently have going tomorrow.

But until then I'll leave you with 2 hints. ..a word.  JAVA

And some pics. ..

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  1. Seems like the fundraising event for Sophie Joy had great progress. The snacks and meals you whipped up definitely looks delicious. I'm just glad your church was supportive of the idea. Anyway, I hope to hear more positive news, Mandy. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Norman Watkins @ eBay Giving Works