Lily's Knee: Take 2..."For the good"

This is a post that I am glad I waited to publish.  

Some things just take time to play out.

As I reflected on how things have worked out with Lily's second knee, a verse that I've clung to in some of the hardest circumstances of my life came to mind.

Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

So many of life's happenings look anything but good when they first take place, but with sifting through the Father's hands of love and faith and patience on my part...my faith becomes eventually becomes sight and I see that things have worked together for the good.  

And once again I can testify that my Father knew what He was doing.

Now, Lily's knee is far from a dire circumstance.  It's a milestone of sorts.  A mile marker on the road of her life.  But, nothing anyone will live or die over, go hungry because of.  It is simply a part of her prosthetic leg.

But God knows and cares about Lily's knee.  And was working what I saw as a mistake, a miscommunication, a possible mess...for her good.

You see this second knee  was not the knee I was expecting her to get.  The short of it is there was a miscommunication somewhere and the knee she received this second time is the one that everyone (prosthetist, physical therapist, me) agreed was not the best choice for Lily.  Matter of fact, it was the last choice.

Lily's second knee.  It is usually locked straight, but can be unlocked...meaning it will bend.  The reason this was not seen as a good option is because as soon as the leg goes straight, it locks straight and then someone has to pull the white ring to get it to unlock again for her.

Upon discovering this, I was both disappointed and confused.

But God.

 A little over a week after receiving the knee, Lily's Physical Therapist came to the house.  As she played with the knee and with Lily, she declared good news.
The white ring is attached to the gray wire going down the leg.When it is pulled, the knee "unlocks", meaning the knee bends.  When the leg is placed in a straight position, the leg locks straight. 

This knee was going to be a blessing to Lily!

Now Lily is able to do strengthening exercises for her left glute, hamstring, and thigh and hip muscles that she hasn't been able to previously.  Because she can now get into a kneeling position she can play on her knees.  She can practice standing from a sitting position.  And possibly most importantly, she can learn how to lock the knee...a necessary skill for walking.

So what looked like a disappointment initially, has totally worked for the good!  No one expected this...but God knew.

Lily demonstrating her kneeling!
Who knows?  Maybe Lily hasn't taken independent steps yet, because the muscles on her left side are noticeably weaker because she hasn't had to use them?

One thing I do know...it has been a wonderful reminder for this mom that God is intimately involved in all of the details of my life and my family's.

Praise Him!

In Him,  


  1. Praise God...Ya'll have a very blessed Christmas...pc

  2. Yeah Lily! Go Lily!! You are going to be strong and one day...you will run! : )

    Laura's Mommy