Orphan Sunday

Last Sunday was Orphan Sunday.  A day to bring attention to the cries of orphans across the world and in our own communities.  A day to educate and remind Christ's body of our call "to visit and help and care for the orphans and widows in their affliction and need" (James 1:27, Amplified).

Kevin and I had the privilege of being a voice for the voiceless.  Last Sunday, we were given 10 minutes (which turned into 15!) to introduce Orphan Sunday and talk about ways in which we can support orphans.

So many people think that the only way in which you can help an orphan is to adopt them.  That is absolutely an amazing, most impactful way...but it is not the only way.  

Believers who are not at the place of adopting...are still called to help orphans.  And there are MANY ways...

We shared about becoming what I call a "prayer mama or papa."  Selecting an orphan to pray for as though they were your own child.

We shared about orphan sponsorship...giving a monthly donation to an orphan ministry to meet the daily living needs of a particular orphan.

We shared about contributing to the surgery of an orphan with a medical need.

We shared about giving financially to families who are adopting and how we have been blessed by our own church body by their assistance...cash, running a snack bar between church services with the proceeds going to Luke's adoption, a  large yard sale, home parties.

But there are sooooo many other ways, too.  Contributing to the needs of specific orphanages, nutrition programs, mission trips, supporting missionaries who serve orphans, etc.

Over the next couple of weeks, we and a fellow adoptive family will share about foster care and adoption.  Please pray that the Lord will stir in the hearts of His people, break them for these precious children, and move them to obedience to whatever...whomever...He is calling them to.

Pray, also, that He would speak through us and that it would be His heart that is seen...not just ours (as passionate as they are).

In Him,

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