Lily's Passport Picture

So I thought I'd check in super-quick and show you the absolutely adorable picture that is going into Lily's US Passport (for which we applied today so she can come with us to pick up Luke...sometime, eventually, one day...soon?)

This was our second attempt at getting one.  The first time she just cried and cried.  This time...she cried, too.  But, after Daddy sat in the chair and showed her it wasn't so bad, she decided to just look...well, the non-smiley version of her cute self.

And, as we were leaving the post office after filling out the paperwork, a woman who'd been making lots of smiley faces at Lily called to me..."Like your shirt!"   

I was wearing my Wild Olive Tee Faith, Hope, & Love shirt.  

I said thanks and told her it was for a fundraiser to bring home our son.  She asked where he was from and I told her and thus began a wonderful conversation with a neat lady who I found out is a sister in the Lord.  We were able to share about how the Lord brought us to Lily and now Luke and she shared her experiences with her best friend's adopted Chinese daughter.  

And not only that, she has a huge heart for China because she was discipled & mentored by the woman who was in China serving with Eric Liddell (Chariots of Fire was about him)!  How cool is that!

Love God's divine appointments!

In Him,


  1. What a sweet face....I can't believe she is already 2...they do grow up so fast. Peace...pc