Look What We Did Last Monday!

One of the fringe benefits of homeschooling is getting to take field trips with your kids (and only your kids!), to where you want to go, for as long as you want (or can afford), and in this case off-season (read: no crowds!).

That's exactly what we did last Monday. Took a field trip not just to the Washington Monument, but up into the Washington Monument...without standing in line at o-dark-thirty in the morning like you do at other times of the year. Matter of fact I reserved the tickets online for a wonderful 11am in the morning tour. Why? We've been studying Egypt and recently learned about obelisks...and the Washington Monument is one huge obelisk!

Anyway, after getting into the nation's capital and getting the very best free parking spot I've ever gotten, we headed over to the monument and quickly realized that the weather report's prediction of upper 40s with 5-10 mph winds was oh-so-typically-off.

Try low 30s with a bitter wind chill and something like 25mph winds.

Just look at those flags! Does that look like 5-10mph to you?

All of our exposed skin took issue with the prediction.
Thankfully, we were winter-weather prepared.
Say, "Brr!"

Do you see those 2 tiny windows at the top (above the girls' heads)? We'll be looking out of them in a minute!

So after posing for way too many pictures outside of the Monument named for our nation's first president, we got in our tour's line, passed through the metal detectors and waited for the super-speedy, 90-seconds-to-the-555ft.-top elevator.

After the quick ride, we reached the top...which, incidentally, moves with the wind leaving this woman feeling just a tad dizzy (remember the flags?).

Each face of the Washington Monument has two rectangular windows out of which you can see many if not most of the well-known sights of the city.

The girls looking at the Lincoln Memorial.

The White House as seen from the Washington Monument.

We made one other stop on our Field Trip, about which I'll post another day...

In Him,

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