The Exersaucer!

Lily's first birthday was October 7th. It is hard to believe that a year ago, we didn't even know she'd been born! What a blessing to be where we are and to be celebrating this little girl and the promises fulfilled that she represents! Makes my heart sing!

My mom and dad sent Lily an exersaucer for her birthday which has turned out to be a wonderful gift as she is extremely active and squirmy! The exersaucer has become my friend during school time and dinner prep time...and, thankfully, she likes it!

These pictures are of the day the big box arrived. My absolute lack of photography prowess is painfully evident here, but they're all I've got! In the first, they all had cute faces, but after several shots I realized there was a huge shadow line in the middle of the picture. So, for the next ones, we moved into a better lit area, but could not get very cute smiles. Sigh.

Do you see the girls hiding behind the box to hold Lily up?

Now this is my
picture of Miss Lily & her exersaucer!
Put her in a magazine...she's just precious!

(Back to that "it's my blog thing from the last post!)

The cake!
Store-bought...a huge step in overcoming mama-guilt for me. No...it's still there.

Praising God!

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